James Earl O'Brien - Filmography 2013-2014
2013-2014 | 2010-2012 | Early Projects

2014: A Perfect 10 14 (Feature Documentary | Editor, DOP, Producer)
(In Production)
Dir: Giovanna Morales Vargas | DOP: James Earl O'Brien
2014: Tales from the Afternow: Rachael's Mutt (Short Film | Editor, Producer)
(In Pre-Production)
Dir: Rob Bannister
2014: No Way Out (Documentary | Editor)
(In Post-Production)
Dir & DOP: Gabor Gasztonyi
2014: 2 Pianos 4 Hands (Live Performance | Editor)
(In Post-Production)

2014: Tide Waters (TV Series | Editor)
(In Pre-Production)
Dir: Terence H. Winkless | DOP: Shawn Seifert
2014: Beholder (Feature Film | Editor)
(In Pre-Production)
Dir: Erick Boychuk
2014: The Beach (Short Film | Editor, Sound Designer, Producer)
(In Pre-Production)
Dir: Giovanna Morales Vargas
2013: Dangers of Online Dating (TV/Web Series | Editor, DOP, Camera Operator, 1st AC)
(In Post-Production)
Dir: Brianne Nord-Stewart | DOP: James Earl O'Brien, Lindsay George, Toby Gorman
Starring: Paula Burrows, Byron Noble, Stacy Mahieux
2013: Dalya Moon Author Video (Commercial Video | Editor, DOP)
(In Post-Production)
Dir: Dalya Moon | DOP: James Earl O'Brien
Starring: Dalya Moon
2013: The Cover-Up (Feature Film | Editor, 1st AC, 2nd AC)
(In Post-Production)
Dir: Erick Boychuk | DOP: Andy Hodgson
Starring: Simon Basch, Brendan Taylor, Quinn Cartwright, Morgan Meredith, Kent S. Leung, Ian Hawkins
2013: Citizen (Short Film | Editor)
(In Post-Production)
Dir: Matthew Campbell | DOP: Brendan Uegama
Starring: Peter Benson, Grizz Salzl, Tommy Douglas, Emily Fonda
2013: UPPABaby MESA (Commercial | Editor)
Dir: Lloyd Choi | DOP: Devin Karringten
2013: The Vancouver Sun - BC Wine Grower Series (Commercial Video | Editor)
DOP: Lloyd Choi & Kyle Hollett
Featuring: Anthony Gismondi
2013: CineCoup Big Deal Presentation (Commercial Video | Editor)
DOP: Lloyd Choi
2013: Kaspoit! (Short Film | Editor)
Dir: Dennis E. Bolen | DOP: Rayln Gladue
Starring: Clint Wilson, Torsten Muller, Drew Taylor
2013: Save BC Film (PSA | Editor)
Dir: Matthew Tingey | DOP: Shawn Seifert
2013: Addicted To You (Short Film | DOP, Camera Operator)
Dir: Perry Johnson | DOP: James Earl O'Brien
Starring: Perry Johnson, Ashley Hunking
2013: The Sect (Feature Film Trailer | Editor)
Dir: Scott Alonzo | DOP: Lindsay George
Starring: Mattie Shisko, Bill Marchant, Morgan David Jones, Lillie Claire, James Branston, Marsha Regis, Nadya Ashley, Emi Kamito, Susan Burzynski